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When Fishermen don’t fish, they fight

The story is told of two best friends who went fishing with the one’s father for the weekend. They left the Friday evening with every promise of a glorious fishing weekend. The only problem was that when they got to their destination it rained, ruining their chances of fishing .The boys were forced to keep themselves busy by playing games. With no sign that the rain was going to abate, their hopes fading of any fishing they began to quarrel and argue and eventually they were at each other’s throats.

We criticize by Creating

My high school teacher JJ Wiliams said the following; we change our world, our society, our community and ourselves through the courage of our questions, the depth of our answers and the consistency of our action. There are some amongst us who are brilliant at identifying problems, they can tell you all the things that are wrong, who is wrong, but fail to come up with viable solutions. So problem identifiers are in no short supply.

The best is yet to come

John Maxwell defines success as knowing your purpose in life, growing to your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefits others. I buy that and can live with that definition of success, as opposed to the definition of successes that focuses exclusively on the material accumulation of wealth. Let’s just reflect on the 3 points

Proud Heritage

Mr. Ron Hendricks, former Managing Director/station manager of Radio KC is no more and yet he will always be. Upon hearing of his death I informed my son whose child like response was “he was such a kind man daddy”. I have tried many times to call him uncle Ron but could never  get myself doing so, one reason I suppose was that he was my primary school teacher and in my culture once you call a person meneer, you just never quite get around to calling him anything else but meneer.  The community has lost a giant and God has gained one of the most excellent.


On 21st March, South Africa officially celebrate Human Rights Day, declared a public holiday in 1994 following the inauguration of former president Nelson Mandela.

While it pays tribute to the tragic events of the Sharpeville massacre, it is also a celebration of South Africa’s Constitution, which gives equal rights all.

Human Rights Day is but one of the many bricks in SA’s road to democracy.


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