We criticize by Creating

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My high school teacher JJ Wiliams said the following; we change our world, our society, our community and ourselves through the courage of our questions, the depth of our answers and the consistency of our action. There are some amongst us who are brilliant at identifying problems, they can tell you all the things that are wrong, who is wrong, but fail to come up with viable solutions. So problem identifiers are in no short supply. What the world and our community desperately needs are people that have the courage to confront their today and be willing to tap into their creative side and come up with alternatives. I say that the God who created the mountains have placed creativity in you , so you have  within you the power to change your world. My self management approach with people working with me , simply says , you can tell me what is wrong , but in the same breath you have to tell me how we can fix it ,the onus is on you, the problem identifier to come up with a solution .I honestly think that Apartheid made some of us just downright lazy and we are still trapped in this mentality that somebody else will think for you . Author , Robert Schuller taught me a life changing lesson, called possibility thinking. The premise states that if you are confronted with any problem or challenge, you draw up a list of 10 possible alternatives, it is for you to explore all these possibilities and come up with the best solution that works for you and for that situation .As I am writing this , somebody somewhere in the world is working at creating a cell phone with more and better features by tapping into their creative energy .The gift of creativity is not just in some of us , its in all of us .Your favorite question should therefore be WHY? , and the answers to your questions has the power to change society. You see to many of us just stop at identifying problems and never move onto the next level. We have a tendency to avoid and to sidestep the complex issues and to leave things undone and fall into the trap of procrastination, putting things off until tomorrow and ending up with regrets. Let me illustrate through a few examples of how some who have confronted their present day realities through applying their minds. In about two weeks time a new shopping mall will open in Paarl that will create employment opportunities for people and offer consumers more options. A year ago , there was only one newspaper in Paarl , today we have two thanks to the creativity of the Joseph Bushby and his team ,Anthony Africa and his wife Suzette have created a haven for street children, 9  years ago there was no community radio, today we are enjoying the sounds that sets you free. The aforementioned stories all illustrate that you and I can change our present day realities, by not accepting them as fact. You see by giving birth to the new is our strongest criticism of the present. We need more critical thinkers and doers because they are the ones that change the world.

My final question. What will you do, if money wasn’t a problem and you knew you couldn’t fail?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - 12:00